Who are we

CJMB (Citizen Journalist Media of Bangladesh) is the first citizen journalism based media platform in the country. In contrast of the editorial policy of our mainstream and traditional media, which are knee-jerk towards authoritarian profiteering and power, the CJMB came up with a non-partisan, non-profit, genuinely important issue-oriented and pro-people editorial policy.

As a fourth pillar of the state, most of what the traditional media does in the name of journalism is public relations on the behalf of the powerful people.The first page of a daily newspaper or the first part of the TV channel rundown or the front page of online media, everywhere the priority is the powerful people.As if their morality-corruption, planning-decision, conflict and factions are the only news event, people are like nothing. But we want to keep our eyes on the power which is incessantly spreading inside and outside of the state against the people. We want to challenge its legitimacy whenever and wherever it is needed. The center of the CJMB’s journalism will be the people. It will include all people irrespective of race-religion-caste-gender-class. But the unfortunate thing is that, among all those billions of living things on this earth, humans are the only species who have pushed the future of this planet into a great threat. There are no other species who threatened the future of earth. The whole world is under the curse of catastrophic carbon emissions due to the destructive development of human by ruining the nature.Inflation of the oceans, melting of the buffalo and the state of the weight level have reached such a high point that  if we do not spread the cry of resistance today, the upcoming inevitable catastrophic destruction of our planet cannot be prevented. As a species, it is the utmost responsibility of human with higher intelligence to ensure the protection of the earth. CJMB conveying its clear commitment towards the responsibility of ensuring the protection of the nature and the environment.

 The revolution of our new information technology has been proficiently changed the world of mainstream journalism. In contrast to the traditional bureaucracy dependent one sided message flow, the internet era has presented us with an immense potential to bridge the journalist- reader/ audience. In fact, in today’s time, the mainstream media have also had to rely on social media. The readers are talking about the news on that social media platform. People are challenging its objectivity, they are questioning the status of the news organization and the journalists. This is even not the end.    


 In today’s time, if a person can afford a good quality smartphone, he/she can easily become a responsible journalist. They can play a role in the positive change in society. There are thousands of examples which show that a citizen journalist has posted an event in the social media even before the mainstream media reached to the spot and later the main stream media has used those social media posts to fabricate their news. But we don’t want those citizen journalists to remain hidden and the mainstream media to rely on them to continue their work.We want there should be a network for these citizen journalists, there should be a media, where the scope of their journalism will be developed with the recognition of the work. And CJMB has been born to bring those so many volunteer journalists under one platform. This is an alternative media and we believe that thousands of young people from different parts of the country will join the network and will do free journalism. Can you imagine what if a group of young from all parts of the country use their smartphone against the powerful? What if they stand against all the unjust power as a role of a citizen journalist!  CJMB wants to be that exact kind of platform, where hundreds to thousands, thousands to millions young people will turn into a role of free journalist.  Beyond the mainstream, we want to portray the reality of exploitation and oppression of people in different parts of the country, including the capital city and village in front of every citizen.


But there is not only the negativity.  While the media is known as a place where almost 90 percent of the contents are full of negativity, where murder-rape-oppression-theft-snatch-bribery-corruption-conflict-hatred are  the prior preoccupations, we want to present positive contents in contrast as much as possible. Institutional or non-institutional religion of people of different groups in our locality, our anthropology-tradition-culture, our historical resistances and defeats, our achievements or abandonment’s, our expatriate friends who are continuously playing a role to keep the wheel of our economy moving, history-politics-civilization-life style of people from different parts of the world to develop our universal thinking, everything is included in our content. We want to create a positive world. Keeping the reason as our ultimate goal, we want to present the pictures of various positive activities around the world in CJMB.

We want to deal with the politics of hatred -conflicts-divisions with love and unity. We want a Bangladesh and a world where every person, regardless of race, religion, caste, gender or political viewpoints, will live freely with the ultimate freedom of expression. Where will be the equality of opportunity, where will be social justice. Keeping this goal in front of us, we are calling all of you to come along with us with your smartphone. Play a vital role in the positive change of our society as a citizen journalist.